Recyling Bins at Inscription Rock Trading Co. - El Morro, NM

These recyclables are accepted - Please rinse and sort
ALUMINUM: cans as well as (clean) baking pans and foil; NO food residue, please!

CARDBOARD: corrugated only. We also accept brown paper (shopping bags, etc.) with the corrugated, but NO cereal boxes, Kleenex boxes, six-pack wraps, etc.

PAPER: mixed copier/printer paper, mail, catalogues, magazines, shredded paper, etc. NO phone books, and NO brown paper such as shopping bags; that goes in with the corrugated cardboard. Paper clips, staples & glassine windows are all okay now!

PLASTICS: bottle-type containers of type 1 and type 2 only. Labels are okay, but NO caps, NO black, NO sheets or bags, and NO food or oil (or other) residue, please!

STEEL/TIN CANS: labels are okay, but NO food (or other) residue, please.

We ask that you please NOT leave bags or boxes of recyclables outside of the bins at any time. This creates a health issue, and the wind can scatter the material.

New Mexico Recycling Coalition