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The community owned Old School Gallery is much more than an art gallery showcasing the work of local artists!

It also serves as a community center that has drawn together the locals from a 500 square mile area, in friendship and creativity. Friends and neighbors join together for morning yoga and tai chi, stage plays, musicals with local actors, art classes, workshops, dances, concerts, movie nights, potlucks, crafts fairs, open mic night, digital arts exhibit, a May Day Renaissance Festival, and the list goes on and on.  An old fashioned sense of community spirit is alive and well in El Morro Valley, Thanks to our Old School Gallery.

This intangible quality is seen in the warm greetings between the wait staff and diners at the Ancient Way Café, and felt in the sincere interest locals take in a visitor’s journey to the area. There’s an overwhelming sense of community and concern that is such a big part of an area only a few square miles in size. (From the Gallup Journey)

Community of Creativity

There is something more than the towering ponderosas, unique rock formations, and lush green countryside that welcomes us to the El Morro Valley.

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Our local ladies star as the Cow Patties in a SOLD OUT musical production “The Moosical” at the Old School Gallery, in September 2009. There was a surprise guest appearance by Elvis himself.  It was an evening befitting of a Norman Rockwell Painting on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post.

  View the entire "Cow Patties Moosical" Series on Youtube

Mary & Keith’s Excellent Adventure

Reflections on El Morro

Reflection on El Morro

"We leave a piece of our hearts here in El Morro, and we depart with gratitude for our new friends who provided an experience of coming home to a place that we didn't even know was home, but in fact, turned out to be just that."

At the Heart of Our Community

Almost never will you see a dinky little parade marching down lonely Highway 53 out in the middle of the desert, with the marchers waving 5 huge red & white Polish flags in the wind, the women dressed as happy Polish peasant maidens, and everyone smiling and waving profusely at the occasional bewildered motorist driving by, probably thinking “what the hell was that?”


The gay community is in the forefront of innovation here.  Out-taking, off the grid, they’ve gone a long way in mastering solar energy, sustainable agriculture, architecture, local farmers’ markets, organics, etc.  Much of the off-grid community looks to them for advice.  They also contribute voluminously to the local theatre, visual arts, poetry group, and gastronomic arts. Here they are cherished. (The Gallup Journey)

Unsordid Lives

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Our Community on the Web

Adventure Journals Written Along The Ancient Way

Dec. 22, 2014

by Righteousbruin

The Road to 65, Mile 23, A Very Full Solstice, Part 1 - Part 2

July 2014

by Tim Amsden

Welcome to the Rainbow House

November 2014

by Lucia Amsden

Lucia's "New Meaning" Journal

October 2010

Billy Von Raven

Western Rambler

June 2010

The Wanderers

1. Talk About The Middle of Nowhere!

2. Paso Por Aqui

Pasó Por Aquí - Don Juan de Oñate - 1605

Get a sense and feel of life along the Ancient Way, through the written words of those who have lived or “Pasó Por Aquí, (passed through here) over the last 475 years.

April 2010

Mary & Keith

Reflections From El Morro

March 2010


One Journey at a Time

August 2009

Maxwell Von Raven

Tales of Wyrmwood

July 2009

Kevin Buggie

Black Diamond Canyon Kitchen

September 2008

Frank & Vicky

Avant-Gardening Tid-Bytes Insights

August 2008

Frank & Thomas

Go Homo Go

June 2008

Rasheed Al ha Fairfield

The Rain Dance

May 2008

Rasheed Al ha Fairfield

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary
Fecal Engineer

March 2008


Paso Por Aqui . . . Exploring New Mexico’s El Morro National Monument

November 2007

Allen & Pat

Welcome to Allen and Pat Gooch's Earthship

April 2007


Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary- Loving, learning, living

Summer 2006

Jane Lindskold

No! That's Not My Wolf

March 2006

Frank DeFrancesco

Reluctant Rebel

D. M. Larson

The Outlaws of Candy Kitchen

Don Juan de Oñate’s Inscription on Inscription Rock in 1605

The  enchantment grew as everyone climbed onboard the hay wagons and we rolled slowly down the ridge through the landscape bathed in the light of the full moon with song and laughter floating in the air.

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Adventures On a Harvest Moon Hayride


1st Annual El Morro Valley Pulaski

Day Parade and Polka Party

It's the last stop of the day for Rural Bookmobile West, snugged up against a curb in a corner of the Ramah Post Office parking lot, where a few customers-to-be wait in their cars protected from looming dark clouds that smell of rain.

Ramah, population 407, is the busiest of this three-stop day, which saw the bus-size bookmobile trundling along two-lane blacktops winding through pinon and juniper hills, an hour's drive or longer from the nearest library building. From  

Our Bookmobile - A Neat Relic of the Past in a Cyberspace World

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View Bookmobile Schedule

Ancient Way Cafe Staff and Visitors - May 30, 2011

Photo by Glenn Dixon - Click to View on Flickr

Pedro de Castañeda's Journal in 1540 to 1542
   The Journey of Coronado - Internet Archive   
   The Journey of Coronado - Univ of Arizona

Conquistadors conquer the Southwest -

Coronado Expedition: From Compostela to Cibola

Coronado Expedition: From Cibola To Quivira

Coronado's Exploration Into the American Southwest

Cities of Gold

Artists of El Morro Valley

The Artists of
El Morro Valley

The Old School Gallery - Newsletter

(505) 369-4047

El Morro Area Arts Council

(505) 783-4710

Ancient Way Café & RV Park  - Menu

(505) 783-4612

Inscription Rock Trading & Coffee Co.

(505) 783-4706

Mountain Harmony Cafe & Retreat

(505) 870-1784

Galleria Carnaval - Art Gallery

El Morro Food, Feed & Seed

(505) 783-4777

Wave-Riders of the Ancient Way

(505) 783-4545

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary - Newsletter

(505) 775-3304

Living Along the Ancient Way- Facebook

El Morro Valley Marketplace

Ramah Farmer's Market

Candy Kitchen Farmer's Market

El Morro Farmer's Market

El Morro Valley Cooperative

Zuni Artist Marketplace

Family Haven Farms

Lucia's New Meaning Website

Zuni Mountain Sanctuary

Artists of El Morro Valley

Community Facebook Pages

Spiritual Healers of The Zuni Mountains

Timberlake Ranch Landowners Association

Other Busnesses, Organizations, Services

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